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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Review: Sniper Ghost Warrior


Sniper: Ghost Warrior is an amazing stealth and sniper Game, which Combines brilliant graphics with sneaky and sometimes slow motion Head shots from miles away.

Sniper:GW is unlike any other sniper game i have played. Most snipers in Games have recoil, but no shaking, or shaking, and no recoil, or some have both, but no wind modifier. sniper has all of these, but with a nice Clean cross-hair, that also comes up with a red circle to show where the bullet will hit on the target, which because of the wind is normally off center to the right or left - this helps newer snipers aim better, - and at higher level game play (playing on hard) it goes away, meaning you have to determine the shot yourself by looking at how fast the wind is blowing in a direction.

This is a very Big factor in a sniper game for me. im sick of CSS and COD where as soon as the middle Cross hair is over the Target / boom there dead, - sniper you need to think about your options, and your camo, and whether killing a certain target will blow your cover.

The graphics in sniper are really good, it makes Sniping so much easier and more fun when you can see the bullet hit the target and blood splatter everywhere. although the graphics do look very good, a few things like some plants STILL are not fully 3D, there 2d, so you cant see some plants side on. which really bugs me and removes that realistic fantasy from the game.

The game-play if very fun however, it involves you assassinating many targets, and when things go wrong you have to follow them and snipe them when they least expect it, be it through a wall or when their on a boat relaxing.

One point of criticism, as always (you're probably sick of hearing that by now) - the multi player.. is god awful. EVERYONE is in camo gear, always, - so the only way you can kill people is if there moving, other wise, its really really hard to see someone, even with high graphics. this means 16-32 players barley move, which makes it a very boring and long winded multi player. but nonetheless, single player is where this game shines for sure.

GAME-PLAY:  7/10

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Review: Portal 1


When portal was released, it brought a whole new way of viewing mazes and puzzles. - in portal the player uses a orange and a blue portal (both linked to each other) to teleport around the room to solve challenges, the huge craze is - that you can to choose where the portals are, whenever you want, as many time as you want, using the portal gun.
The graphics in this game is simple, but still a nice 3d area with okay effect for the portals. you can obviously tell it uses the halflife2 engine, which seems to me like they just cut a shit load of corners to make this game, however i am waiting for portal 2.

The gameplay starts you off in a "tutorial" where you slowly learn the effect of the portals and how to use them, being accompanied by what seems to be a very friendly robot, promising that when you finish your training, you can sit down and have cake with the robot.

------SPOILER, do not read this if you don't wanna know what happens at the end-------
The commonly used 'The cake is a lie" comes from portal, because once you finish your training the robot tries to throw you into a pit of fire, but using your portals you can escape, then you spend the other half of the game finding and destroying the robot. still yet to find the cake, i think portal 2 might finally reveal where the cake is, or "what" it is for that matter.  - yes the cake is there at the end in the credits. but, maybe it might be another meaning? who knows.

There is no multiplayer from what i have seen yet, i could be wrong, but i have not seen any form of multi player yet, maybe in portal 2 they will finally release a 2 player portal game.
One point of criticism, as always - would have to be the annoying set levels, after every puzzle its just an elevator with another level etc. and it does this until you finish, it is really quite annoying, because it seems way to focused on just levels. id prefer gameplay that has a bit of a free' feeling.

GAME-PLAY:  9001/10

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Game Review: Magika


MagicKa!! a very small but actually very unique and fun game.
MagicKa is based on using spells, and combining the elements to kill enemies and get past traps. the spells you can cast are something like 25-40 spells, but are actually easy to remember all the buttons for aoe spells, self inflicted spells and damage spells.

The graphics in this game aren't amazing, but good in its own small game way - the textures are very smooth though, and makes a game like this look nice, and fun to play. Not to mention the look of the spells you cast,  you can tell MagicKa put a lot of effort into the spells looking really nice.

The game-play in this Game is actually enjoyable, you are set on a quest by a vampire (i know right?) and on the way you help many of the towns folk who get attacked by strange creatures, like goblins and trolls. The multi player in this i have not played, but i can imagine it to be very very fun, cause it would be sort of a diablo 2 perspective of dueling.

One point of criticism though, as always - the spells are very unbalanced. there are some aoe spells that do more damage than any direct attack spell.. so there no real point in using those spells  (i found by using 3 spells and aoe'ing i did so much more damage (one shotted monsters) instead of using direct attacks which took 3-4 seconds of a beam or 3 shots to kill a monster.
i think a patch is need for magic balancing - but either way a really good game!

GAME-PLAY:  6/10

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

game review: Aion


Aion - another rip off of wow in my opinion, - but how does it handle in relation to WoW and its copy's?

Aion is based around light and dark angelic forces, were, like wow, you fight monsters and do quests to gain experience, there is two sides, and there is pvp areas in a large open map.

Aion does have very nice looking graphics however, looks visually stunning for a mmo actually, although some times the terrain and walk mechanics are choppy, the graphics are quite nice, for now.
although aion has some great graphics, their is a few things that i do not like about this game.

The first would have to be the Pvp. Its is ATROCIOUS. if you are a melee character, you have to go right on-top of them to hit them, there is a really really small hit range, so when range characters kite, you cannot do anything except stand their and die.
The second is the the fly mechanic - yes okay having angelic wings to fly around on is pretty cool, - it is is only for a very limited time - so if you want to fly somewhere - instead of just mounting up and going there like in wow, you must constantly go onto the ground and charge the energy back and then fly again in aion.
lastly - aion (as all other wow copy's) have a horrible community of people, mostly its little kids that failed at wow.

Overall - i think aion is an okay game if you are bored of wow, but as always, you play if until level 10-20, then go f**k it and go back to WoW.

GAME-PLAY:  4/10

Monday, 21 March 2011

Game Review: Dead space 2


Dead Space 2, is one of my most Favorited scary games, including F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R2.
Dead Space 2 involves a man named Isaac, an engineer who was sent to investigate a ship that  has come corrupt from an artifact that was found on a forbidden world -called the Marker.

The graphics in this game are really really stunning, you can see blood spurt out of mutated enemies, and you can even stomp on their bodies and they break into parts and decayed flesh (I'm actually surprised this game was not  R18+) - there is also very nice visual effects on the telekinesis moves, which can involves ripping the head of a dead enemy and slamming it into another live enemy, all controllable by you. these effect are really well drawn and shown, and it just adds to the scariness of the game when everything looks realistic.

The game play in this game is really gripping, it involves a lot of betrayal, sudden event that actually scare you and suck you into its story, and a lot of nice boss monsters to fight that have certain weak points that aren't always so visible. This game also has a nice upgrade and weapons mechanic, called power nodes -  that you can buy from the shop or find throughout the game, these heavily upgrade your suit, weapon or telekinesis abilities, and its very fun upgrading them and try new special abilities with new weapons like the javelin gun.

I have not played multiplayer, since it was a cracked version (yeah my bad :P ) but i can imagine it to be quite fun, singe the gun effects and moves are fun.

i really like the perspective of this game, your camera is focused behind this Isaac character, and i like this, it means you can view the scary ship/guts/monsters all around you, and made the game experience a lot better for me.

one thing that annoyed me though, is that i felt it was way too guided, there was always ALWAYS one way to go, no real puzzles or anything just shoot kill run shoot kill run, this made the game a little repetitive, but not to so much you'd want to put down the game.

GAME-PLAY:  8/10
MULTIPLAYER: unknown/10

Thursday, 17 March 2011


hiya guys!!! just wondering what games you would like me to review!! just comment a view suggestions and ill get right on it!!! thanks guys!!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review: Runescape ( no, really)

RuneScape... O.O

Yes,this review is about Runescape, not exactly the best "game" but a game nonetheless.

Runescape is a game where you start of as a normal everyday person, and you have about 32 skills you can improve on, these include woodcutting, smithing, mining, rune-crafting - and the more PvP based skills like strength, defense, magic, archery and attack.

This game is very open, even for the free to play section, it can take a long time to get from one corner of the map to the other, and the map includes many towns with quests, a grand exchange (sort of like an auction house) and many other things to waste your time on.

One thing i really like about this game is the "wilderness" which is where most of the worlds gamers play Runescape for - it is a PvP area, which is about quarter of the entire map (huge area) - it has a level system, meaning if I'm level 10 in level 1 wilderness, i can attack a level 9 or a level 11, if I'm level 50 and I'm in wilderness level 20, i can attack down to level 30 and up to level 70, etc.   - this really makes the game fun, as long as you don't die, that is.

The one thing that really really sucks about this game is, if you die in PvP, you loose your gear, Forever - you get to keep 3 items, if you got attacked, but if you initiated the attack and lost, you'd loose everything you where holding and you had equipped. - i really don't like this, at all... sure its good if you have OP gear and stats, but its so annoying to get that on a character if your new or not a member, or if you don't Bot.

all in all its a fun game to muck around with, but i cannot see my self getting really involved in it enough to pay for it, because the graphics, (even though good for a java plug in game) are SHIT. :)

GAME-PLAY:  5/10

Monday, 14 March 2011

Review BulletStorm


Bullet Storm is by far, the most gruesome, fun and intense Fps game to hit the market yet.

Bullet Storm involves Grayson Hunt, a man who can LITERALLY kick-ass. the storyline in this game is really good, it straight away pushes you into the action - you start on a ship plowing through a confederate battleship, exploding in a fiery mass, and you shoot into the atmosphere and land, and you have to fight your way off the planet. - a very good storyline to get you interested.

The graphics in this game are quite amazing too, you can see the blood everywhere when you hit a body. You can also fly kick enemies in the head, then in slow-motion they flying back, so you can shoot them. There is a really cool skill shot system - things like "skewer" -( kicking an enemy onto a barbed fence ). These skill-shots give you points, which give you powerful upgrades to kill more and more enemies with skill.

I have not tried multiplayer in this game, since i did pirate it (whoops :P) but i can imagine it being quite fun, because you can slide kick and head kick enemies, which would be fun, for a while.
One point of criticism, as always - The move mechanic in this game is slightly off - like when your running or jogging past a wall of a spaceship, you get caught upon a small bit of debris, which causes your character to stop and you have to literally walk backwards to get out of it - it is very stressful and ruins the intensity of the game, since it happened to me a few times (might also just be the pirated version, I'm not sure, but i think there will be a patch for it soon)

GAME-PLAY:  9/10

Thursday, 10 March 2011

WOOT! 100 followers!

WOOH! just like to say thanks guys for 100 Followers!!!!

ill be sure to keep up the posts every weekday!!! :)

Review: Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne


Warcraft 3, and the expansion frozen throne, created the still very popular "DOTA ALLSTARS" craze, which i play from time to time as well.
The graphics in this game aren't the best, but its really good for one of the first 3D RTS games. Wc3 is the game that skyrocketed blizzards income, and got them enough income to create World Of Warcraft a year later, which made blizzard the biggest gaming company on earth.

The single player in wc3 and wc3FT are still, to this very day, my favourite single player campaign ever. there is such a good story line including all four races, and no one can beat the story of Arthas, turning undead slowly and beginning to corrupt himself through Frostmourne, the blade of souls - killing Meradan Bronzebeard and, eventually his own father.

One point that i Love about Warcraft 3 is the leveling system they introduced into heroes, that as they leveled up, they gained abilities, which helped a lot in single player or even in multiplayer, -awesome abilities like resurrection and reincarnation, their is over 100 spells that have been made for this one game, which shows blizzard put time into making this game what it is.

As for the criticism (as always) - the one thing i did not like about this game was the cheats, they were always so tempting to use, and there was so many that you could use. in my personal opinion, - cheats should be things like big headed characters, different colour buildings or spells, things that look funny, like birthday party style buildings, not infinite damage and health.

GAME-PLAY:  10/10

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Review: Sid Meiers Civilization v

Sid Meiers Civilization v, a game with a huge strategic gameplay, but is it really what it seems like?

in Civ5, you command one of many nations, either Chinese, American, Japanese, etc.(being a cool kid i went with Genghis Khan) and the first thing i realised after paying 80$ for the game. its not a real-time strategy game, but a round based game, like you would find in a PC game for monopoly or "worms" - this really, really disappointed me, for such a cost, and it being the '5th' game in its series, i thought it would be decent.

Either way, in this game, you must build up your army and build up your city, and then start invading other lands, killing barbarians - then once you get strong enough you can attack other nations that are on the map, which is quite strenuous considering u attack once, then wait 2 minutes for the next turn to come around.

one thing i did like in this game, is the vast range of upgrades, buildings and technology u can research, and how you advance through the ages, from being a caveman with bow and arrow, to armies of tanks and grenadiers. The graphics in this game aren't horrible, but also couldn't have been made any better, since there is a lot going on later in the game, it can take up large amounts of memory, and make the game lag a bit, even on my PC.

all in all, this is a very different game, and take cation when you buy it, this isn't the game for me, i played it once or twice and got fed up with it. i wonder if Sid Mieier has or ever will make a real-time strategy game? who knows.

GAME-PLAY:  6/10 (multiplayer only)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

review: Team Fortress 2


Team fortress 2. a very different style game, that includes very funny and cool characters, with different guns and ability's. their is two sides, red versus blue, and the main aim of the game is to capture certain points on the map, or all the points on the map, to win, or their is a simple team death-match option. TF2's graphics aren't really good and realistic, but really good in a cartoonish and 'anime' sort of way. this really works because it makes the game look quite new, even if it is a few years old when you start to play it.

TF2 has made quite a fun game, since there are a lot of classes, with different ability's, - like the heavy - more health, but slower than others, or the scout -  runs faster and jumps higher, but less health, for example. TF2 made the class system really well, there a lot of good combos, that encourages many people to work together, and sometimes that is the best way you can win, having two medics healing two heavy, - just cant beat it unless you have 4 demo's grenade bombing them :)

One bad point, as always - their is no single player in team fortress 2. This disappointed me a little bit, since i would love to see a small campaign for each character, and do stuff like sniper missions for the sniper character, or a 'defend your base' for the engineer character, i think that would make the game 100% fun for me.

Overall, this game has cool graphics, a cool gaming system and multiplayer system, i think this game is really worth a play, either for fun, or shits and giggles. :)

GAME-PLAY:  0/10 (multiplayer only)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Review: Counter-Strike: Source


Counter-Strike source: one of the most played fps shooters of all time, and still is a very popular game, even though its quite a few years old.
I'm not going to begin on the graphics. they are old, choppy, and very outdated, but people put up with these graphics for the online multiplayer. The multiplayer is so fun that people actually hold tournaments, with large prizes, and there was an actual professional CSS gaming league called Civo-CivoA (amateurs) CevoM(Moderate) CevoP(professional) - i think their is more leagues, but cannot remember them.

The reason the game is really good is not because of its graphics, but more because it has great aiming and a good style of an fps game. - instead of someone getting shot in the head, then there screen flashes red then there back to full health, (stupid C.O.D) in CSS you have 100 health, and 100 Armour if u buy a Kevlar and helmet, and that's it for the round. - this game requires lots of skill to get good. you cannot just spray around like on C.O.D - you actually have to control your spray and burst fire, because the recoil in this game is very sensitive, which makes the game more enjoyable.

I still find this game fun to play, even if you get bored with just killing people, there is many other man made maps that can be very fun, there is all sorts, - my favorite is a map called Death Run, where you must get to the end of the maze to kill the terrorists, but the terrorists can set of traps to kill Count terrorists on the way, a very fun game. - there is also many other maps, Bunny hop servers, Surf servers, Gun game servers, - so many maps and play-styles and objectives, this is what i love about Fps games.

In my opinion, this game can not get old. it was revamped from 1.6 to source, and i think they will do it again in the future to keep this gamin franchise going. i still think i will play counterstrike when I'm 60 years old from time to time, its that fun :)

GAME-PLAY:  0/10 (multiplayer only)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Review: Test Drive Unlimited2


Test Drive Unlimited 2 - a game where you may buy quite exotic cars and take them for drives in a HUGE, HUGE area, with heaps of side quests and championships, to be the absolute best and skilled driver in Ibiza!

The graphics in this game are unrivaled against any other car game. the cars look absolutely stunning, and the landscape is perfect. no other car game beats the lovely views while driving through the Ibiza hillside in a GT mustang (only a starter car, but so cool!) The sound the cars make, sound so real -  having a small fiat sounded not too bad, but when i stepped into the gt mustang, it sounded like the huge 5,000 CC 8cyl engine it was. everything in this game is really realistic too, they have three settings - a hardcore mode, for drivers that can drive really well, a "sport" mode, where you get a bit of traction control and help, and a beginners mode where u can turn corners at 150 km's per hour with out braking and not skid. :)

One thing i love about this game is how realistic the driving experience can be. On hardcore mode, it is so challenging to drift around corners at 200km/h in a Ferrari, as it should be! this game is so realistic, when u drive manual, u have a clutch and everything, so u can drop the clutch, go down a gear, and rev lock through turns! ITS SO FUN....once u get used to it. :)

One thing i do not like about this game is there isn't really and modifications u can make to the cars, I'm more of a need for speed person - I like customizing and improving my car, but nonetheless, a very real looking car game, that is very fun to play, that is great for casual gaming!

Friday, 4 March 2011


Howdy guys!
think i might take the weekend off from blogging, will do a review every weekday though :) SORRY :) < 3

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Review: Diablo 2 LOD

Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction

Diablo 2 - is one of those simple graphics mmo's, that is just absolutely amazing.

For its time, there was NO other MMO game that could match Diablo2, not Rune-scape, not Battle-on - not nothing in my opinion.

Diablo 2's graphics are very, very bad - crappy sprites, - not even really 3d at all, except for the characters.I had more fun looking at the map on screen then the actual ground!!  But for its time, Diablo 2 was amazing, simply because of its online community, its massive massive array of weapons and runes and because of the PvP (Player Versus Player)

One thing i did not like about the leveling system they had, was once you finish the game, you'd be about level 20/25... then you must go to the next difficulty, "nightmare" and do the SAME THING again to get to level 50/60... then theirs a hell difficulty to level up to 99. its simply stupid and repetitive, all it was was Tristram runs, Tomb runs, Cow runs D2 and runs Baal runs, but times that by 3 for each difficulty (yeah i played the game a fair bit when i was younger)

In Diablo2, once you reach a certain level, about 75+ (max level is 99) u can start doing Duels. This is how diablo2  is and always has been popular, - Diablo 2 has 3 talent tress (much like wow or League of legends) this allows for people to make their own builds, duel each other, which is actually really really fun, it caught my attention for about 3 years when i was a kid aged 12/13, blizzard did there job well.

another important thing to mention is that Diablo 2 is completely free to play online, all you gotta do is buy the game, which cause of its age is now only 20 dollars! It's so cheap, so fun, so cool - Diablo 2 has my seal of approval.

Sadly, performance on PC is not a 10, because it has compatibility issues with windows 7 64-bit. which is understandable considering the game is 10 years old. but nonetheless, still a very good game.

GAME-PLAY:  5/10

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Game Review: World Of Warcraft

World of LOLcraft

Okay i know what your all thinking, why the heck am i doing a review about WoW?
Because after stopping for 6 months (after playing for 3 years) i realized how annoying this game is.

For an MMO the graphics are very unique, its what i would call "cartoon-ish" style of graphics, which is good because it can never get old, no matter what year you play wow in it will look decent cause that's how they meant it to look, but you know you can never be really pleased with how the graphics look.

In World Of Warcraft, there is the original and the 3 expansions, this means a lot more "fun" but one hell of a lot more exploring and getting used to all the patch changes etc. what i don't like is, if you were just starting off a character, (being a total n00b) back 3 years ago, you'd have to get to level 60, which was quite demanding after level 50, it involved either heaps of grinding, dungeons runs quests etc. but now with all the expansions, you need to get to level 85. 85! It takes twice as long to get to top level, and everything once your top level is  the boring same routine, either doing daily quests to get gold, doing endless amount of the same dungeon to get gear or badges to buy gear. You might get a little sense of achievement from this, being better geared than someone, thinking your "leet" but in 6 months, the new expansion comes out, and all that gear is USELESS. i just don't see the point.

Wow has a very, very interesting lore and plot though, - in the newest expansion, "cataclysm" the corrupted fire dragon aspect Deathwing has awaken, which broke the world pillar, and you job is to kill Deathwing and return the world back to normal. its not a bad plot, but not an insanely good one either. the multiplayer on this is one of the best Ive seen, but that is probably because i was so addicted to this game, or because its purely an online only game, so it had to be really good.

Over all i think this game is fun - but its way too addicting for the amount of effort u have to put into this game, is consumes peoples life (including mine at times) but over 100 million account made shows that it is still the leading MMO around, and will be for along time - until RIFT comes out (nicknamed the wow killer) which i too, will probably play.

GAME-PLAY:  8/10
MULTIPLAYER: 10.1/10 ( +0.1 for addiction)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Review: Farcry 2


FarCry 2, the only game that has on the box "Most realistic fire in any game" so being the gamer i am, i though id play it. Oh, my, god. the graphics in this game are close to CRISIS(future review) very, very nice looking game, smooth too, if your computer can handle it.

From what Ive seen, single player has a great story line, it tends to pull you in for little while, but about halfway through the game, its the same as Farcry1 - mission after mission after mission after mission etc. Their is however, very good physics in this game, the gun sounds, looks and fires like what id think to be a real weapon. Another thing that's cool about Farcry 2 would have to be the gun "jamming" yes it is very, very annoying, especially mid combat, but it adds more realism to the game, too often games like C.O.D and BFBC2 the guns seem to have that "game" effect, Farcry really shines in this respect with gun durability. another good thing about the physics engine in Farcry2 is the weapon shake of snipers, and i know C.O.D BFBG2 etc have it too, but i think Farcry2's recoil and shaking of the cross-hair is better.

Taking into account that Farcry2 was not meant for multiplayer, the multiplayer was still god-awful, the same happened to Crisis, their is no "re-playability" theirs simply kill people, no achievements or anything like that, its choose a weapon and spray and hope u kill something. this is what i hate about this game, their should be a new match type, like when capture the flag came to play for the first time, everyone loved it! - same with things like the assault match type, but you can tell Farcry2 was really meant for single player campaign

Overall i think this game needs a few tweaks, and i personally think it was trying to be too good for its era of technology, (it kills your video card and CPU) but all in all it is still a fun playable game, not one i recommend buying, torrenting however, go right ahead :)

GRAPHICS: 9.5/10