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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Review: Portal 1


When portal was released, it brought a whole new way of viewing mazes and puzzles. - in portal the player uses a orange and a blue portal (both linked to each other) to teleport around the room to solve challenges, the huge craze is - that you can to choose where the portals are, whenever you want, as many time as you want, using the portal gun.
The graphics in this game is simple, but still a nice 3d area with okay effect for the portals. you can obviously tell it uses the halflife2 engine, which seems to me like they just cut a shit load of corners to make this game, however i am waiting for portal 2.

The gameplay starts you off in a "tutorial" where you slowly learn the effect of the portals and how to use them, being accompanied by what seems to be a very friendly robot, promising that when you finish your training, you can sit down and have cake with the robot.

------SPOILER, do not read this if you don't wanna know what happens at the end-------
The commonly used 'The cake is a lie" comes from portal, because once you finish your training the robot tries to throw you into a pit of fire, but using your portals you can escape, then you spend the other half of the game finding and destroying the robot. still yet to find the cake, i think portal 2 might finally reveal where the cake is, or "what" it is for that matter.  - yes the cake is there at the end in the credits. but, maybe it might be another meaning? who knows.

There is no multiplayer from what i have seen yet, i could be wrong, but i have not seen any form of multi player yet, maybe in portal 2 they will finally release a 2 player portal game.
One point of criticism, as always - would have to be the annoying set levels, after every puzzle its just an elevator with another level etc. and it does this until you finish, it is really quite annoying, because it seems way to focused on just levels. id prefer gameplay that has a bit of a free' feeling.

GAME-PLAY:  9001/10


  1. Still drooling over the imminent release of the sequel.

    THE GAMEPLAY IS OVER 9000???? Yeah, that's true.

    Still one of my fav games ever. Right up there with World of Goo.

  2. 10/10 on performance? wonder if it'll work on my crappy computer :)

  3. love portal and i cant wait to play portal 2.

    why is yuor graphics score a 7 can you elaborate a bit more.

    and anyway the cake is a lie.

  4. That game is great! I hope we get some cake in Portal 2 :P

  5. Portal is so fun!!!


  6. I've never actually played portal... people talk about it all the time though