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Monday, 28 February 2011

Review: Starcraft 2


Starcraft 2, voted game of the year 2010, and along with everyone, i can see why.

The Starcraft 1 Fan-base was something incredible like over 10 million players, and Starcraft 2 grabbed almost 90 percent of that fan base, and now Starcraft 2 is one of the most watched games for tournaments and the like.

Starcraft 2 combines brilliant graphics with a stunning and virtually endless playability. after finishing the campaign, i was quite disappointed they only let you play the Terran campaign, with the Protoss and Zerg campaigns in the yet to be made Starcraft 2 expansion ( one way blizzard makes money, along with the 1,000,000,000,000 other things) this was very annoying to me, since Starcraft 1 had all three campaigns in the one game!

Their is one big thing that i love about this game, it's the multiplayer system they have, that makes is endless amounts of fun to play.
They have a ranking system, with 4 or 5 different leagues, ranging from bronze (N00bZ) to diamond or platinum, for the absolute pro's. this league system is great! if you go well, you can advance up the leagues, and face new opponents that will get harder and harder as you play on, i love it!

This helps you develop your skills in all strategy games, not just Starcraft 2, stuff like Micro Managing your units, and Hot-keying your builders to make you more efficient and faster at building a base and units. this helps with every single start game Ive played to far. after playing Starcraft 2 for 4-5 months, i played age of empires 2 with a few of my mates (yes nostalgia i know) and i won, simply because of my new understanding of how to move units and how to use them effectively. 

Starcraft 2 was one of my favorite games for about 6 months, before moving onto other games, (which is a long time given the 15 hour campaign and the rest was multiplayer!)

The criticism, as always- the game became annoying to play in multiplayer at the start, because before you know how to defend against a rush, all the Zerg players, or all the Terran players would Marine/Zergling rush, and its almost impossible to defend if you don't know the map or what your doing properly, like when you start the game. and blizzard has no done anything to change this. just a little something i had trouble with first playing the game, but i can guarantee its worth it once u start playing in gold+ leagues

my favorite race would have to be Zerg. don't ask me why, but building and destroying things with mutated mutants just makes me happy :)

GRAPHICS: 8.5/10
GAME-PLAY: 9.0/10

Review: Call Of Duty: Black Ops


Although i am growing tired of the 7 game long Call of Duty games, this game appeals to me in a few ways,

Firstly, this game has quite good graphics. its very smooth in comparison to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which took up heaps of memory. Black Ops is smoother, better looking, and a hell of a lot more fun to play.

One of the main things about the Call Of Duty games i liked was the single player campaign. some prefer multiplayer, but i don't think I'm calm enough to listen to 12 year old's who will head shot me from about 100 miles away and then tease me, or ill kill them, and then they'll rage at me, and so on.

The Single Player in Black Ops however, is virtually stunning, action packed, and full of dramatic story and plot twists, which i absolutely got drawn into, it is very very fun game single player, and (multiplayers not half bad either, i guess :P ) my personal opinion: i wish they made the campain longer :)

A few points of criticism, as always: their is quite a large amount of players, so the server on multiplayer lag endlessly for me and my friend, some servers are okay, but some are almost unplayable. Furthermore, the whole prestige system, smart as it may be for hardcore gamers, - it is simply stupid. when you reach top level or "rank" as i think they call it, you can prestige, which resets everything you earned (all weapons, kill streak rewards etc) and u go back to level 1, but just with a different symbol next to your name and an achievement. I find this REALLY annoying, i cant see why people would want to reset something they have worked to hard on! but i guess, if you get bored at top level, you Get bored. 

You can buy this game off Steam, or buy it from any EB Games or game Store.

GAME-PLAY: 9.5/10


Howdy guys!

Just goign to post a little intro for ya'

 this Blog is going involve me posting reviews of games, such as Call of Duty Black Ops, Starcraft 2, Diablo 2 and so on.

i will also be posting my opinions on upcoming games such as diablo 3, battle field bad company 3 and so forth.

i hope you guys like my reviews, because ill be sure to keep posting them!

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