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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

review: Team Fortress 2


Team fortress 2. a very different style game, that includes very funny and cool characters, with different guns and ability's. their is two sides, red versus blue, and the main aim of the game is to capture certain points on the map, or all the points on the map, to win, or their is a simple team death-match option. TF2's graphics aren't really good and realistic, but really good in a cartoonish and 'anime' sort of way. this really works because it makes the game look quite new, even if it is a few years old when you start to play it.

TF2 has made quite a fun game, since there are a lot of classes, with different ability's, - like the heavy - more health, but slower than others, or the scout -  runs faster and jumps higher, but less health, for example. TF2 made the class system really well, there a lot of good combos, that encourages many people to work together, and sometimes that is the best way you can win, having two medics healing two heavy, - just cant beat it unless you have 4 demo's grenade bombing them :)

One bad point, as always - their is no single player in team fortress 2. This disappointed me a little bit, since i would love to see a small campaign for each character, and do stuff like sniper missions for the sniper character, or a 'defend your base' for the engineer character, i think that would make the game 100% fun for me.

Overall, this game has cool graphics, a cool gaming system and multiplayer system, i think this game is really worth a play, either for fun, or shits and giggles. :)

GAME-PLAY:  0/10 (multiplayer only)


  1. dam u make this sound pretty good i must play

  2. hahaha i loved this game, too bad i bougth it in the orange box for 360.

  3. I got it awhile ago, its fun I suppose, just not my cup of tea I guess.

  4. It was very fun. My friends and I lanned with this game many times.

  5. looks so fun, can't wait to play it

  6. My roommates are addicted to this game. I just might pick it up meself

  7. One of my favorite games of all time... ALL TIME!! Its fun, not serious, and just good 'ol shooty fun. And yea don't buy it for 360.. you're missing out on the PC action which is lightyears better. You can get tons of stuff, upgrades, and weapons.. So much better than the static 360 version