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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Game Review: Magika


MagicKa!! a very small but actually very unique and fun game.
MagicKa is based on using spells, and combining the elements to kill enemies and get past traps. the spells you can cast are something like 25-40 spells, but are actually easy to remember all the buttons for aoe spells, self inflicted spells and damage spells.

The graphics in this game aren't amazing, but good in its own small game way - the textures are very smooth though, and makes a game like this look nice, and fun to play. Not to mention the look of the spells you cast,  you can tell MagicKa put a lot of effort into the spells looking really nice.

The game-play in this Game is actually enjoyable, you are set on a quest by a vampire (i know right?) and on the way you help many of the towns folk who get attacked by strange creatures, like goblins and trolls. The multi player in this i have not played, but i can imagine it to be very very fun, cause it would be sort of a diablo 2 perspective of dueling.

One point of criticism though, as always - the spells are very unbalanced. there are some aoe spells that do more damage than any direct attack spell.. so there no real point in using those spells  (i found by using 3 spells and aoe'ing i did so much more damage (one shotted monsters) instead of using direct attacks which took 3-4 seconds of a beam or 3 shots to kill a monster.
i think a patch is need for magic balancing - but either way a really good game!

GAME-PLAY:  6/10


  1. This game looked pretty fun, but they gotta keep it fresh.

  2. I really enjoy the humor in this game. That alone is why I bought it. The gameplay is ok, but the chuckles are fantastic!

  3. i heard about the spells being totally broken but still i think its a fun game.

  4. I might play this with my brother. He's nice to have around for the multiplayer aspect of games.

  5. What a great blog! Love your comp specs. ^^