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Monday, 21 March 2011

Game Review: Dead space 2


Dead Space 2, is one of my most Favorited scary games, including F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R2.
Dead Space 2 involves a man named Isaac, an engineer who was sent to investigate a ship that  has come corrupt from an artifact that was found on a forbidden world -called the Marker.

The graphics in this game are really really stunning, you can see blood spurt out of mutated enemies, and you can even stomp on their bodies and they break into parts and decayed flesh (I'm actually surprised this game was not  R18+) - there is also very nice visual effects on the telekinesis moves, which can involves ripping the head of a dead enemy and slamming it into another live enemy, all controllable by you. these effect are really well drawn and shown, and it just adds to the scariness of the game when everything looks realistic.

The game play in this game is really gripping, it involves a lot of betrayal, sudden event that actually scare you and suck you into its story, and a lot of nice boss monsters to fight that have certain weak points that aren't always so visible. This game also has a nice upgrade and weapons mechanic, called power nodes -  that you can buy from the shop or find throughout the game, these heavily upgrade your suit, weapon or telekinesis abilities, and its very fun upgrading them and try new special abilities with new weapons like the javelin gun.

I have not played multiplayer, since it was a cracked version (yeah my bad :P ) but i can imagine it to be quite fun, singe the gun effects and moves are fun.

i really like the perspective of this game, your camera is focused behind this Isaac character, and i like this, it means you can view the scary ship/guts/monsters all around you, and made the game experience a lot better for me.

one thing that annoyed me though, is that i felt it was way too guided, there was always ALWAYS one way to go, no real puzzles or anything just shoot kill run shoot kill run, this made the game a little repetitive, but not to so much you'd want to put down the game.

GAME-PLAY:  8/10
MULTIPLAYER: unknown/10


  1. holy shit those things look like golem from lord of the rings

  2. love this game the atmosphere is spooky and playing this with 5.1 sound system is awesome.

  3. It was a fun game though the end boss was a bit overpowered in my opinion.

  4. I've got DS2 on PC, and I was pretty impressed with how well it ran.