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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Review: Sniper Ghost Warrior


Sniper: Ghost Warrior is an amazing stealth and sniper Game, which Combines brilliant graphics with sneaky and sometimes slow motion Head shots from miles away.

Sniper:GW is unlike any other sniper game i have played. Most snipers in Games have recoil, but no shaking, or shaking, and no recoil, or some have both, but no wind modifier. sniper has all of these, but with a nice Clean cross-hair, that also comes up with a red circle to show where the bullet will hit on the target, which because of the wind is normally off center to the right or left - this helps newer snipers aim better, - and at higher level game play (playing on hard) it goes away, meaning you have to determine the shot yourself by looking at how fast the wind is blowing in a direction.

This is a very Big factor in a sniper game for me. im sick of CSS and COD where as soon as the middle Cross hair is over the Target / boom there dead, - sniper you need to think about your options, and your camo, and whether killing a certain target will blow your cover.

The graphics in sniper are really good, it makes Sniping so much easier and more fun when you can see the bullet hit the target and blood splatter everywhere. although the graphics do look very good, a few things like some plants STILL are not fully 3D, there 2d, so you cant see some plants side on. which really bugs me and removes that realistic fantasy from the game.

The game-play if very fun however, it involves you assassinating many targets, and when things go wrong you have to follow them and snipe them when they least expect it, be it through a wall or when their on a boat relaxing.

One point of criticism, as always (you're probably sick of hearing that by now) - the multi player.. is god awful. EVERYONE is in camo gear, always, - so the only way you can kill people is if there moving, other wise, its really really hard to see someone, even with high graphics. this means 16-32 players barley move, which makes it a very boring and long winded multi player. but nonetheless, single player is where this game shines for sure.

GAME-PLAY:  7/10


  1. lol yeah I'm just imagining the campfest online, that would probably be much worse than all players having ghost-pro perk in black ops online

  2. I really hate that my laptop/pc can't play this, would have loved this for sure..

  3. might have to check it out

  4. the game looks awesome.

    what are the minimun requirements for this?

  5. Great review... really deserves a look