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Monday, 14 March 2011

Review BulletStorm


Bullet Storm is by far, the most gruesome, fun and intense Fps game to hit the market yet.

Bullet Storm involves Grayson Hunt, a man who can LITERALLY kick-ass. the storyline in this game is really good, it straight away pushes you into the action - you start on a ship plowing through a confederate battleship, exploding in a fiery mass, and you shoot into the atmosphere and land, and you have to fight your way off the planet. - a very good storyline to get you interested.

The graphics in this game are quite amazing too, you can see the blood everywhere when you hit a body. You can also fly kick enemies in the head, then in slow-motion they flying back, so you can shoot them. There is a really cool skill shot system - things like "skewer" -( kicking an enemy onto a barbed fence ). These skill-shots give you points, which give you powerful upgrades to kill more and more enemies with skill.

I have not tried multiplayer in this game, since i did pirate it (whoops :P) but i can imagine it being quite fun, because you can slide kick and head kick enemies, which would be fun, for a while.
One point of criticism, as always - The move mechanic in this game is slightly off - like when your running or jogging past a wall of a spaceship, you get caught upon a small bit of debris, which causes your character to stop and you have to literally walk backwards to get out of it - it is very stressful and ruins the intensity of the game, since it happened to me a few times (might also just be the pirated version, I'm not sure, but i think there will be a patch for it soon)

GAME-PLAY:  9/10


  1. Based on the screenshots it looks awesome! Violence and gore rivaled only by gears of war :)

  2. @KB
    probably because its the same game designer as gears.

    anyway i played this on launch and its effing awesome.

  3. This looks fucking awesome.

  4. awesome review. I totally am going to start playing

  5. looks amazing wanna play that

  6. I would've given the graphics a 6/10 I was a bit dissapointed

  7. Well now I feel dumb, I just requested this! Either way, looks hella fun!