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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review: Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne


Warcraft 3, and the expansion frozen throne, created the still very popular "DOTA ALLSTARS" craze, which i play from time to time as well.
The graphics in this game aren't the best, but its really good for one of the first 3D RTS games. Wc3 is the game that skyrocketed blizzards income, and got them enough income to create World Of Warcraft a year later, which made blizzard the biggest gaming company on earth.

The single player in wc3 and wc3FT are still, to this very day, my favourite single player campaign ever. there is such a good story line including all four races, and no one can beat the story of Arthas, turning undead slowly and beginning to corrupt himself through Frostmourne, the blade of souls - killing Meradan Bronzebeard and, eventually his own father.

One point that i Love about Warcraft 3 is the leveling system they introduced into heroes, that as they leveled up, they gained abilities, which helped a lot in single player or even in multiplayer, -awesome abilities like resurrection and reincarnation, their is over 100 spells that have been made for this one game, which shows blizzard put time into making this game what it is.

As for the criticism (as always) - the one thing i did not like about this game was the cheats, they were always so tempting to use, and there was so many that you could use. in my personal opinion, - cheats should be things like big headed characters, different colour buildings or spells, things that look funny, like birthday party style buildings, not infinite damage and health.

GAME-PLAY:  10/10


  1. Another solid review. I'm loving the focus on RTS games =D

  2. It's an old game but the best one of Warcraft series. Also it was the first step to DOTA and League of Legends.
    Awsome game

  3. Only ever played the demo of this o.O

  4. Nice review. Thanks.

  5. I've always said it, but i think this is the best in the series, hands down!

  6. I really like Warcraft III. Good review!

  7. Best game after WOW!
    P.S I like DOTA.

  8. yep DoTA FTW, still play it from time to time