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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

game review: Aion


Aion - another rip off of wow in my opinion, - but how does it handle in relation to WoW and its copy's?

Aion is based around light and dark angelic forces, were, like wow, you fight monsters and do quests to gain experience, there is two sides, and there is pvp areas in a large open map.

Aion does have very nice looking graphics however, looks visually stunning for a mmo actually, although some times the terrain and walk mechanics are choppy, the graphics are quite nice, for now.
although aion has some great graphics, their is a few things that i do not like about this game.

The first would have to be the Pvp. Its is ATROCIOUS. if you are a melee character, you have to go right on-top of them to hit them, there is a really really small hit range, so when range characters kite, you cannot do anything except stand their and die.
The second is the the fly mechanic - yes okay having angelic wings to fly around on is pretty cool, - it is is only for a very limited time - so if you want to fly somewhere - instead of just mounting up and going there like in wow, you must constantly go onto the ground and charge the energy back and then fly again in aion.
lastly - aion (as all other wow copy's) have a horrible community of people, mostly its little kids that failed at wow.

Overall - i think aion is an okay game if you are bored of wow, but as always, you play if until level 10-20, then go f**k it and go back to WoW.

GAME-PLAY:  4/10


  1. So many Wow competitors.. Will wow ever be toppled? Of course it will eventually fade, but its going to take a near revolution in gaming to get people away from that game..

  2. too many wow rips, all soo terrible
    Followed you, Follow me back!

  3. I like your honesty. Too many people wanna be the next WoW, but they should be trying to do something different.

  4. Aion was terrible, I tried for a lil while, couldn't do it.

  5. the game is kind of meh, too many games try to be WoW for a quick buck but its almost imposible if your game sucks.

  6. One day someone will manage to make a WoW killer

  7. Been looking for an alternative to WoW.. Looks like Rift it is. Until Titan anyway!

  8. I don't know, something like Borderlands could make a big WoW successor - FPS meets MMORPG. MMOFPS? MMORPFPS? Something like that.
    Honestly, Borderlands would be more fun if it had 10 class choices instead of 4 and more customisation for characters, and a bigger world, and less loading screens. (So I basically want WoW in first-person with over 3 million randomly-generated weapons.)

  9. Or apparently Rift. I'm sick of CAD comics about Rift.

  10. I think it could give WoW a run for its money.

  11. Thanks for the review... looks like an interesting game

  12. @Dartigen
    borderlands is a rip off of Tabula-Rasa more than wow, check that out. :)

  13. I agree with your last statement
    it seems i always end up going back to wow