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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review: Runescape ( no, really)

RuneScape... O.O

Yes,this review is about Runescape, not exactly the best "game" but a game nonetheless.

Runescape is a game where you start of as a normal everyday person, and you have about 32 skills you can improve on, these include woodcutting, smithing, mining, rune-crafting - and the more PvP based skills like strength, defense, magic, archery and attack.

This game is very open, even for the free to play section, it can take a long time to get from one corner of the map to the other, and the map includes many towns with quests, a grand exchange (sort of like an auction house) and many other things to waste your time on.

One thing i really like about this game is the "wilderness" which is where most of the worlds gamers play Runescape for - it is a PvP area, which is about quarter of the entire map (huge area) - it has a level system, meaning if I'm level 10 in level 1 wilderness, i can attack a level 9 or a level 11, if I'm level 50 and I'm in wilderness level 20, i can attack down to level 30 and up to level 70, etc.   - this really makes the game fun, as long as you don't die, that is.

The one thing that really really sucks about this game is, if you die in PvP, you loose your gear, Forever - you get to keep 3 items, if you got attacked, but if you initiated the attack and lost, you'd loose everything you where holding and you had equipped. - i really don't like this, at all... sure its good if you have OP gear and stats, but its so annoying to get that on a character if your new or not a member, or if you don't Bot.

all in all its a fun game to muck around with, but i cannot see my self getting really involved in it enough to pay for it, because the graphics, (even though good for a java plug in game) are SHIT. :)

GAME-PLAY:  5/10


  1. LOVED runescape! Used to play that a few years back. I had to quit because I could feel the addiction :/

  2. I used to play this game hardcore! It's quite cool if you become part of an active clan. Havn't played for a while now.

  3. Played this game a long time ago, can't believe it's still around.

  4. hey sometimes there is no bad graphics just artistic ones, try looking at minecraft its made in java yet still the graphics are really apealing.

  5. didn't play it yet but I know that you can earn $s with it

  6. I used to play runescape way back when and when they made it so you couldnt hack people anymore (no more drop trades) i quit.

  7. Could never get into this at all..... I remember I tried it out back in like 2005-6 time when I was still at school. I can't imagine it's got much better tbh =/

  8. The graphics are kinda okay if you play it at max spec, but it's aimed towards children..

  9. Oh and btw, they implemented free trade again, as reponse to Randy.